Whatever happens in Rio…

Alex Yip

Alex Yip is a web enthusiast who put his online marketing career on hold to travel around the world for a year. This blog is his virtual journal and logbook to keep people updated on his backpacking adventures on the road.

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  • Shelley sis

    Hey bro!\nNice to hear from you again! ^_^ And also welcome to “my” couchsurfing world! \nI’ve always said that’s the best way to travel around. And this is just the beginning.\n\nEager to read more and more and….\nTake care!\nsis

  • Anthony

    Hey bro,\n\nFinally updating uh….\nNice to see you do the “fake smile” with the fireman xDxDxD\nHope the weather changes so u can see some bikini girls under the sun!\nTake care and be safe!\n

  • w-j

    woooop woooop bro!\n\nfinally an update indeed ;)\nbut no worries bout that, ur main thing is enjoy it as much as possible!\n\nmore pix more pix plx

  • Wim

    Hi Alex,\nThe mandolin picture looks familiar to me… ;-)\nAm back home in misty, cold Belgium. Some caipirinha would do me good…\nEnjoy your time!\n\nWim