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Small selection of foods in Hong Kong

It’s not the first time I’m in Hong Kong, in fact I come to Hong Kong quite often and last time I already went out and did a bunch of adventure stuff. This time around, I didn’t do anything new really, but I did go out to eat a lot more often, albeit not the most adventurous foods but it’s still food! I had a personal food photographer this time so it wouldn’t look as pathetic if I was eating and taking pictures myself. 🙁 Some of the pictures were taken with a smartphone so it might not be the...

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Outlying islands in Hong Kong: Lantau Island and Lamma Island

Next up on the list was Lantau Island, the largest of the Outlying Islands, twice the size of Hong Kong Island and famous for its high peaks, wild landscapes, great beaches and the airport. Over the years the area has been heavy development in the shape of Disneyland and a cable car to Ngong Ping monastery. I joined a hiking group of who were going to hike the Dragon’s back in Shek-O. It was voted the Best Urban Hiking Trail in Asia by Time (Asia edition) in 2004. Just a short hop from the bustle of Hong Kong East, it...

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Bright lights and neons in Hong Kong, cliff jumping and visit to cat cafe

Hong Kong is my last stop on my 1 year travel around the world. It’s not a stop that I intended to visit because my parents are from Hong Kong and I’ve been here several times before. It was a required stop on my way back to Belgium. In the previous visits I haven’t ever really traveled around in Hong Kong. Most of the time, I’ve just been visiting relatives, taking care of paperwork, eating and shopping. So I had no idea what Hong Kong really had to offer. This time around I wanted to really TRAVEL in Hong Kong....