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The ancient city of Bagan

The second place I visited, was also the reason why most people come from far and visit Myanmar. The temple-filled plains of Bagan rival the temples from Angkor Wat as one of the most impressive ancient sites in South-East Asia. There are about 4400 temples spread out all over the are. While the individual temples of Angkor are more impressive than in Bagan, the real beauty of Bagan is the overall view of the plains dotted with stupas all over. The best way to visit the plains is to wake up early to one of the viewpoints to catch the...

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Discovering the relatively unknown Burma/Myanmar: Yangon

Burma was never really on my list to visit when planning my trip around the world. Truth is, I didn’t plan this far ahead and I had a little more than 2 weeks to spare so I figured I’d go check out what’s going on in Myanmar. I haven’t met that many people in my travels that actually have been to Myanmar, so that gives me a good reason to visit it. Getting there was easy though, just booked a return ticket from AirAsia and you could get the visa in Bangkok. Normally you have to wait about 21 days...