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Furious five on second day of Songkran 2

Songkran 2012 in Bangkok!

The Thai new year celebration festival, also known as Songkran, was actually the main event I wanted to attend during my 1 year trip. I’ve planned my trips and time just in order to participate in this. And boy was it soooooooooo worth it. The Songkran festival is actually held in multiple other countries during different times. But the idea is the same, the people throw water on eachother in order “cleanse” them for the new year. The tradition started out by people pouring water over Buddha statues and then using this holy water to bless family members and friends....

Lying buddha in Ayutthaya 3

Bangkok – heart of South East Asia

Bangkok is probably the most visited backpackers hub when coming to South-East Asia. I’ve visited Bangkok around 7-8 years ago (roughly) and it still wows me after all these years. The people are still extremely friend, the food cheap and the tuk-tuk drivers still try to rip tourists off. However, eventhough I visited Bangkok some years ago, I didn’t exactly go sightseeing and find out what it actually had to offer besides the obvious nightlife around Khaosan road. Heck it was one of my first “backpacking” trips. The main reason I come here was to celebrate Songkran, Thai new year....