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City of Angels – Los Angeles part 2

UCLA Most people who visit Los Angeles wouldn’t think about going to the local university, but my friend wanted to go get one of those college sweatshirts and I wanted to check out where the Fresh prince of Bel-Air went to school. So off we went! The campus itself was impressive, when I was in college, we never had a campus of this size. The atmosphere around was really cool, the whole college feel. There is a lot of school pride too. I saw tons of people wearing the colors of the school and UCLA sweatshirts and t-shirts. Made me...

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City of Angels – Los Angeles

Spent only 6 days in Los Angeles but in reality I did so much that I actually might have to split this into 2 posts. Los Angeles wasn’t really on the planning either just like Colorado. Mainly wanted to visit LA to meet up with some old friends from online (again). And since I’m here, I might as well take a few days to check out the city itself and all that has to offer and boy did it have a lot to offer. Before arriving in LA, I thought it was just another big city but DAYUM LA is...