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Stunning laser show at Marina Bay from the Sands hotel 1

Night Lights 2012 and garden city Singapore

On friday the 24th of august, several museums in Singapore organised the Night Lights 2012 festival. We were lucky enough to catch the opening on friday and check out what the fuss is all about. It’s presented by the Singapore Art Museum and features light installations around Singapore Art Museum and School of the Arts. Visitors can enjoy a series of art works and light installations in and around the museums. They also have projections on the walls of the museums accompanied by music. We actually have a similar festival in Belgium called “Licht Festival” a similar concept using light...

One of the many shopping malls with excellent architecture 0

Intercultural city-state of Singapore

Before arriving in Singapore, I already knew I wasn’t really going to spend a lot of time here. Mainly because there isn’t much to see, but then again, it really depends what you’re into. But I think for the average tourist, there isn’t much “new” to discover. Even when I told some of my local friends that I was going to stay about 9 days or say they already questioned me, why? First impression of Singapore was that it was so neat and clean everywhere. There wasn’t a single piece of trash on the ground this mainly because of the...