Argentina – Iguazu / Buenos Aires

Alex Yip

Alex Yip is a web enthusiast who put his online marketing career on hold to travel around the world for a year. This blog is his virtual journal and logbook to keep people updated on his backpacking adventures on the road.

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    Hey Alex – Adrian from Perth here (friend of Goi´s n Kwok Wai´s! Small world indeed!)\n\nOne / Half a day is more than enough in the Argentinian side of Iguazu whilst the Brazilian side is not that big and only takes about 3 hours max.\n\nRio is all about beaches unfortunately (be careful on the rocks at the end of Ipanema especially at night!) and also Copacobana at night when the kids from the favelas comes out.\n\nChristo Redento and Sugarloaf´s a must and I agree that the favela tour´s very touristy. \n\nThe biggest japanese population outside of Japan is in Sao Paolo and you will see some beautiful Japanese/Brazilian mixes. I really enjoyed the Japanese food (pay-for-weigh buffets) as I love Japanese food plus not overtly a big fan of South American food after 6 months.\n\nBuenos Aires is freaking awesome. You have La Boca (dangerous part of town but home of La Boca futbol team!), San Telmo weekend markets, Recoleta (poshest suburb in BSAS, home of Evita @ Recoleta Cementario) and the backpackers hang outs of Palermo Soto and Palermo Hollywood.\n\nThere is an uber cool Monday night gig called La Bomba in BSAS – which is basically an Brazillian drumming group and it goes off every week. Google it. You can get the normal trains to El Tigre por less than 5 pesos. It takes about half an hour and you get it from the main station (Retiro). Try the parrilla and you MUST have it with an Argentine Malbec. \n\nAlso check out the metalical flores, run across 9 de Julio (longest avenue in the world – you won´t make it!) and Plaza de Mayo (which you can combine on the weekend with a stroll up San Telmo cobble street market).\n\nRemember, Argentines think they are European and are downright arrogant and rude but you just have to remind them that they are at the asses end of South America. :P\n\nDisfrutas para mi y practical su español! (Enjoy for me and practice your spanish!)\n\n-A-\n\nPS the spanish accent is very different in Argentina. They pronounce the “SH” sound when there is a double L eg poLLo is pronounced poSHo, and when the Y is in the middle of a word eg maYo is prounced maSHo. it´s hilarious! 😛

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