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Escaping winter in Malaga, Spain

Winter really gets me down and I was still looking for some rays of sunshine and I just couldn’t wait for spring to come so I sneaked out to Malaga with Karolina in search for some warmth and sun. For these European city trips I didn’t wanna take too many days off so I’ve just been taking 1-2 days to make it an extended weekend get-away. So this time we were here for about 3-4 days as well. The concept is pretty much the same as usual, try to get the most out of a cheap budget. We looked for...


Revisiting Barcelona for the FIBA Games

A good friend of mine just celebrated his birthday in august. His wife wanted to give him a gift that he would love, a ticket to the semi finals to the FIBA Basketball World Cup in Barcelona. Me and another friend decided it was a nice idea and so we decided to tag along for the game and a quick city trip to Barcelona! She wasn’t that into basketball anyway so it was good that us guys could join to make it an even better experience! He had no idea until he saw us queueing up at the airport to...