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Made it back to the top near Cabanaconde after 2 days! 0

Colca Canyon

  The obvious destination after visiting Arequipa would be vising the Colca Canyon. To be honest, I have no idea how I came up with the idea of going to Colca Canyon since I didn’t even mention it during my research. But I’m glad I did though. After seeing what Cuzco and Machu Picchu had to offer, I was ready for another adventurous hike and outdoor activity! Besides, Colca Canyon is one of the top tourist destinations too. Since it’s a top destination, there are plenty of travel agencies offering tours to visit the site. But it is perfectly possible...

Sunset at Puerto Madero 2

First week in Buenos Aires

Next country / city on the list was Buenos Aires – Argentina. After coming from Brazil, the culture here is quite different even it’s on the same continent. People often call Buenos Aires the Paris of South-America and there is a good reason for that. A lot of the buildings here have a strong European if not French influence. According to the guide from the tour, apparently when they were building up Buenos Aires the French culture was at its peak so they “copied” a lot of it. I can’t say I’ve been to many mountains or nature parks here...

Christ the Redeemer 0

Brazil – Rio de Janeiro / São Paulo

My first stop of this year-long trip will be sunny Brazil. In order to get most of my time there, I’ve looked up some information in advance to avoid missing out on the good stuff what Brazil has to offer. First: they speak Portugese in Brazil. I know, everyone should’ve known that already, but I didn’t… and apparently Brazilians will feel a bit offended if you assume that they speak Spanish just like any other South American country. I’ve started to learn some basic Portugese in order to “blend” in as much as I can but I’m no Rain man...