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Floating torii in Miyajima 0

Hiroshima & Miyajima

I don’t exactly know why I visited Hiroshima. I mean don’t know anything about the war between the USA and Japan nor do I know the exact reason why Hiroshima was bombed to hell. But I guess it was just one of cities you just “had” to visit when you’re in Japan. For some reason, a trip to Hiroshima seemed the obvious choice when you visit Japan. Considering it’s tragic past and worldwide coverage of the atombomb incident back in 1945. Personally I don’t really know much about the reason behind the bombing nor do I have any interest in...

Fushimi Inari-Taisha at sunset 2

Travel back to Ancient Japan – Kyoto

While Tokyo is all about modern day consumerism and commercialisation, Kyoto is the place to be to go back to ancient times and discover the historical story behind the country. Kyoto used to be the country’s capital before Tokyo, meaning many of its important imperial buildings were located here and are pretty much still in tact for tourism. Including tons and I mean TONS of temples and shrines. Kiyomizu-dera According to sources: the story behind the love stone is that there are these 2 stones within a certain distance of eachother. You start at one stone and close you eyes...


Must visit places / must-do in Japan (part 2)

Japan has a modern culture that’s strongly influenced by their history. With the help of the internet and some personal experience of friends and relatives, I’ve compiled a list of must do / must visit places in Japan. Be sure to check out part one. Encounter a geisha A Geisha is a Japanese woman who entertains people (usually men), with classical Japanese arts. She is skilled in singing, dancing, playing musical instruments for example, shamisen. serving food, drinks like sake, and tea, and practiced in conversation. There remains some confusion about the nature of the geisha profession. Geisha are regarded...