The volcano tour to Mt. Bromo and Ijen crater/plateau

Alex Yip

Alex Yip is a web enthusiast who put his online marketing career on hold to travel around the world for a year. This blog is his virtual journal and logbook to keep people updated on his backpacking adventures on the road.

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  • John Purkis

    hey, great story. I would just like to ask you some questions. I will be flying into yogjakarta and i have about 6 days in east java before i need to be in bali for a hotel thats already booked. Ive read lots of reviews that all the pre-booked online tours are terrible, over priced and bad service. So, am i able to search around in yogjakarta or surabaya to quickly find and set up a 3-4days tour of mount bromo ijen crater etc? Im worried i wont have enough time to find a tour when i arrive

  • Nice Trip to Bromo and Ijen Crater with Special Price\n\n