Experiencing Rio de Janeiro

Alex Yip

Alex Yip is a web enthusiast who put his online marketing career on hold to travel around the world for a year. This blog is his virtual journal and logbook to keep people updated on his backpacking adventures on the road.

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  • Stefan Jespers

    Good thing the weather here in Belgium is a lot better than there, here it is foggy all day and about 8-10 degrees, at least we don’t get sunburn!

  • Sandy Ho

    How are you doing now? hope you have great weather wherever you’re going to visit! with your mum is everything ok… take care and take lots of pictures for us to see when we meet next year! (so we can judge the quality! ;p ) sandy xxx\n

  • Wim

    Lucky you! I would have gladly paid with sunburn to see Rio in the sun! \nWish I could’ve joined you climbing the Corcovado by walk, I took the very very very exciting train… 😉

  • derek

    Hey bro, yesterday i show the pict and translate the update to ur mom and she was when she saw the pict . And yea dont forget the sun block next time she also said. Well keep us on post

    • Oo_derek

      bah i miss spell someting,\nShe was happy when she say the update ^^

      • Tell mom that churches are awesome. I always enter one when I want to escape the heat or if i want to sit down for a bit.

  • Black mamba

    Hey bro,\n\nI guess u do just fine there under the sun…. AND ye, black ppl do get burned!\nKeep us posted and we get u comments in replace.\n\nGuess Brazil is really nice, recommended?\n\nMaybe next time get some more pics of u and the environment, so at least we could see u grow fat by all the good food u have there…\n\ntake care!\n\nA. \n