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Asian Backpacker - Vung Tau bay 0

Revisiting Hanoi and venturing out to Vung Tau

Seems like I’m pretty hooked on Thailand and Asia in general. Last year around the same time I was in the area as well but I stuck to Thailand. Each time I tend to visit familiar places but try to add in a new place to discover as well. I had some spare time before my friend met up with me so I flew to Hanoi for a couple of days and went down to Vung Tau as well. Hanoi was nothing new as I’ve visited the place during my year off trip. I did come back to catch up...

Brazil beaches 7

Experiencing Rio de Janeiro

So yesterday I finally got a taste of the real Brazilian sun and it wasn’t exactly kind on me… I got kinda burnt on my neck and slightly on my arms too. Though I was already kind of black, now I’m really getting closer to that fondant chocolate color. I didn’t think to bring sunblock on that day out since I’m dark skinning, I figured it wouldn’t effect me that much. But today I went to the beach again and tried to even it out a bit, but during my shower just now, I have some really ugly farmers tan...