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7days to go 0

7 days to D-DAY

Time is flying! It’s been a while since my last post here. It’s my last week in cold Belgium before heading for the sun! Last Friday Dec, 6th was my very last working day! It ended in a very long day *_*I had a nice farewell drink with my colleageas around 5.30pm (office closes at 6pm) meaning that work was waiting to be finished. My boss gave a me a compass as farewell gift. You would think he meant something with this gift 😉 Don’t you worry Bob, I’ll know my way back to work after 6 months..I think 😀 Thanks...

Main backpack contents 3

My packing list

The last couple of days I’ve got all the rest of my stuff for my trip and “test-packed” my backpacks. That way I’ll know if I’ll have some space left or have to leave some stuff behind. I’ve actually packed my bags 3 times and everytime you find new ways to save spaces or manage to fit something extra in there or create some extra space. Main backpack contains: Clothes 1 North Face windbreaker jacket (not in picture) 1 Fleece sweater 1 North Face base layer 2 North Face shirts 3 t-shirts (wearing 1) 2 North Face zip-off cargo pants...


Estimated Departure Time – 22 days!

Departure is less than a month from now and things are getting busy now! The last couple of weeks I’ve been busy finish the extra projects and finishing the (last) preparations. Destinations and the necessary visa Since I have most of my destinations set in stone, I could start taking care of the needed administrative form (hassle) for each country I’m visiting. HOWEVER! Luckily, I have European citizenship, meaning for a lot of countries I don’t need a visa. Well mainly the South-American countries. For the countries I’m visiting in Asia, I could just apply on arrival. Or the next...