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Father of the year near top of MP mountain. Kid enjoying the ride. 2

Machu Picchu (small change of plans)

As I mentioned in an earlier post about Machu Picchu, I said I’d do the Salkantay trek, a 5 day trekking to Machu Picchu. However, I made a last minute change to that plan. A few days before I was supposed to do the hiking, I met some people on Couchsurfing (yes again), they told me about their own itinerary and plan to go to Machu Picchu without the use of any travel agency or trekking. Which means cheaper! Considering the weather conditions (it was/is raining season) and the price of the hiking tour, I decided to cancel the tour...

Lima - Peru 0

Peru – Lima / Cuzco / Puno / Arequipa

Out of all the South American countries, Peru is the first one I’ve done research on. Not because it’s my favorite or anything, but because I arranged my Salkantay trek in Cuzco way ahead of time and from there on I just kept going. I’ll be spending the new year in the magical Cuzco, probably not in Macchu Picchu but it’s close enough! Since I’ve already talked about the Salkantay trek in another post I’ll just describe the route I’ll take. Lima First stop, Lima! Capital of Peru and largest city. To be honest I’m going to be lazy about...


Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu

When you go to Peru, the main attraction would be visiting Machu Picchu. There are several ways of getting there, there are the adventures ways where you can hike your way from Cuzco to Machu Picchu and less adventurous ways when you have less time where you take the bus or other transport straight to Machu Picchu. Since I got some time, I decided to take the adventurous part and hike my way to Machu Picchu. But instead of doing the traditional and well-known Inca Trail, I decided to opt for an alternative hike-route: Salkantay trek. There are several of...