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Water cube spa complex - lounge area 0

Shenzhen – Visiting a Chinese spa complex

The main reason why we stopped by Shenzhen for our last day was to get a spa treatment at one of the many places around the city. A lot of Hong Kong people come over the border and get pampered here. We looked up some on the internet and eventually picked Water Cube, which was about 5 minute walk from one of the border crossings. The place was FREAKING HUGE! About 4 floors all with massage rooms, big and small and private, there were lounge chairs in a big area for you to chill at and get other services. Services...

One of the art pieces in one of the many galleries in Insdadong 1

I’ve got Seoul baby!

Finally made it to Seoul, my last stop in South Korea before moving on to China. My travels in Seoul are actually divided into 3 blogposts since there was so much to do here and mainly because I took so many pictures. In this post I’ll just give you a general overview of Seoul for now. Check out the Heyri Art Village and the cat cafe and trick art museum. Being the capital of South Korea, there must be a palace for me to visit right? In fact, there were 2 of them! The most prominent one called Gyeongbok-gung also...


Must visit places/ must-do in South-Korea (part 2)

South Korea has so much that you must see and must do that it wouldn’t fit in1 post. Be sure to check out part 1 and part 3. Korean Folk Village The Korean Folk Village is located near Everland in Yongin, a suburb of Seoul in the Gyeonggi province, South Korea. The Korean Folk Village is a living museum and it occupies an area of about 243 acres in a natural environment. In the Korean Folk Village there are also traditional restaurants, a traditional market and various workshops showcasing all the traditional Korean crafts, including metalwork, woodwork, fans, musical instruments...