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City of Angels – Los Angeles part 2

UCLA Most people who visit Los Angeles wouldn’t think about going to the local university, but my friend wanted to go get one of those college sweatshirts and I wanted to check out where the Fresh prince of Bel-Air went to school. So off we went! The campus itself was impressive, when I was in college, we never had a campus of this size. The atmosphere around was really cool, the whole college feel. There is a lot of school pride too. I saw tons of people wearing the colors of the school and UCLA sweatshirts and t-shirts. Made me...

parting gift 0

Parting gift!

I had a goodbye dinner with some of my closest friends last night. Eventhough I’m not a person that likes to be the center of attention, it was a nice evening and opportunity to gettogether since most of us are so busy. Anyhow, they got me a parting gift! They’re value coupons at an electronic/book shop in Belgium for the purchase of my netbook. The book is book with images of all kinds of things, just in case you don’t know the exact word for something in any language, you can just look it up and point at it. Hence...

Telling your friends 0

Informing your family and friends

When you tell people that you’ll be leaving on a 1-year trip around the world, you’ll get various reactions from them. Most people are very supportive and admire the idea of being on vacation for 1 year. But when they let the idea sink in a bit longer, other thoughts come to mind. More positive ones and less positive ones. Lets begin with the positive, good and feel-good reactions. “Wow really? That’s awesome!” Those are the best reactions, I’ve gotta be honest about that. It’s not that I wanna make them jealous or anything, but it’s just that I’m glad...