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Asian flashpacker – Thailand (pre-trip)

So for my birthday I rewarded myself with a trip (back) to Thailand. I’m bringing a friend who’s never been to Thailand before and to be honest, this time around I just wanted to relax and take it easy. Compared to my previous travels where I was being the adventurous backpacker, I decided that this time I’d up my comfort level a bit more and become…. Asian flashpacker! Eventhough this is relax and tourist vacation trip, I still wanted to check out some places I haven’t been to before. Touching down in Bangkok, I’m gonna try to put in the...


Estimated Departure Time – 22 days!

Departure is less than a month from now and things are getting busy now! The last couple of weeks I’ve been busy finish the extra projects and finishing the (last) preparations. Destinations and the necessary visa Since I have most of my destinations set in stone, I could start taking care of the needed administrative form (hassle) for each country I’m visiting. HOWEVER! Luckily, I have European citizenship, meaning for a lot of countries I don’t need a visa. Well mainly the South-American countries. For the countries I’m visiting in Asia, I could just apply on arrival. Or the next...

What to pack? Travel equipment 2

Travel equipment budgetting (pre-travel)

  Since this is the first time I’m actually going on an backpacking trip, I still need to buy a lot of the necessary equipment for the long travel away from home. The last time I was backpacking (by coincedence) around in Thailand I was totally unprepared for it and this time around, I’ll make sure not to make the same mistakes again! The last couple of weeks did some research what other backpackers take with them on their travels. And since then I’ve visited several hiking and camping stores in the neighbourhood in search of the ULTIMATE round-the-world gear...