My packing list

Alex Yip

Alex Yip is a web enthusiast who put his online marketing career on hold to travel around the world for a year. This blog is his virtual journal and logbook to keep people updated on his backpacking adventures on the road.

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  • Toni

    Hello!!\nWhy do you need two towels??\nAnd two cameras??\nYou’ll hate them while carrying the bag in the middle of somewhere. You have to choose, Almeja!!!

    • Ola feo hijo de puta!\n\n1 small one goes into the small backpack quick use so i dont have to take out the big one. \nI take the small camera to take pictures when going out or something to blackmail the people I’m with in the future. 😉

      • Toni

        Feo hijo de Puta!!!!!!!!! \nOMG!!!