Caracas / Choroni / Chichiriviche – Venezuela

Alex Yip

Alex Yip is a web enthusiast who put his online marketing career on hold to travel around the world for a year. This blog is his virtual journal and logbook to keep people updated on his backpacking adventures on the road.

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  • Jap

    What a bitch are u son! Whining bout good wearher and beaches when Im working ffs! Be carefull and enjoy your moment bro!

    • warmsurfer

      Within 10 days(Dec 22,2014),3 Asians(Chinese businesspersons were killed in Caracas area.2 was robbed and killed by his own employees.China Embassy was there to help.Hope this infor can help.

  • warmsurfer

    You are lucky you escaped for being rob.\nThe police and local thugs target “Chinos “\nThe place is getting real bad now since the economy is getting worse.Despaerate people do desperate things.\nThe lower class people think “ChinoS ” are here to steal their money.\n”Chinos ” own all the grocery stores in all the poor neighborhoods.\nThey get rob often and sadly they also get killed sometimes.

    • Yeah, I’ve heard and read similar stories online. Chinese people are quite hated by some for the exact reasons that you mentioned. I did have another Chinese friend who passed through Venezuela on a motorbike during his trip and he had nothing but good things to say and didn’t even mention the danger at all. So perhaps it does depends on where you’re at.

      • warmsurfer

        I do not know how true of what you said.They robbed a arepa lady for 50 bs($3.00) at miday,Many stories like that.

        • All true what I said :) but perhaps me and my friend got really lucky! I shall warn the rest of the Chinos, thanks for the warning anyway though!