About me

Making new friends in Pai!

Asian backpacker in Pai, Thailand. Meeting the locals.

My name is Alex, born and raised in little Belgium . I’ve started this blog back in 2011 back when I planned my 1 year round (half) the world trip. I do admit, I was a lot more active with blogging as I was traveling.Since then I’ve been on several other trips around the world as well. The goal is to document my travel experience and perhaps even tips for other fellow travelers. I love to travel off the beaten path, eventhough I do like the divers and historical background of cities, I do enjoy the outdoor nature the best. I’m a backpacker at heart and always aim to experience the local culture as closely as possible. Eating where locals eat, using the bus, train as the locals do. I love meeting locals and experience their lives from their point of view. I’m obsessed about foreign culture and their local habits. I admit that I might be a tad cheap as well, but as my travel experience goes up, I’ve learned that backpacking doesn’t necessarily mean you have to travel by the cheapest way possible. On this blog I’ll mainly be posting personal stories and experiences along with some tips. I’ll try to add more planning into the posts but I can’t promise anything. As an Asian backpacker I’m not only focusing on my travels in Asia and South East Asia and  although it’s definately one of my top regions to travel to. A close second is Latin America eventhough I’ve only visited a handfull of countries there. I’m working full time, so I’m also trying to travel around Europe more as well on some short weekend trips. There’s plenty of amazing places to go to in Europe and surroundings. If you want to contact me for questions on my trips or commercial purposes, feel free to contact me at ymk.alex [AT] gmail [DOT] com.