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Daytrip from Lisbon to the mystical Sintra

To be completely honest, I didn’t really research that much about Portugal and Lisbon before coming here. The main goal was to go surfing in Peniche and spend a few days sightseeing in Lisbon. It was Fabio who told me to go to Sintra for sure eventhough he didn’t see all of the sights himself. Sintra and its surrounding mountains (Serra de Sintra) are classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a popular destination for day-trippers, and can be easily explored while staying in Lisbon. I myself took the train straight from Lisbon Oriente railway station and took...

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The gem of Cambodia & 8th wonder of the world: Angkor Wat

The reason why most people come to visit Cambodia or even heard of Cambodia is Angkor Wat. For the people that don’t know, Siem Reap is the city that closest to the temples of Angkor wat, the 8th wonder of the world. Actually I stayed about 5 days or so in Siem Reap just relaxing and only on the 3rd day of being there I got off my lazy ass and visited the temples. I figured the temples weren’t going anywhere so I took my sweet little time. Depending on your time schedule, you can either get a 1 day...