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Postcard view from The Bund 0

Shanghai revisited

In 2008 during the summer Olympics, I spent 2 and a half months in Shanghai doing an internship. During that time I’ve pretty much seen most of what Shanghai had to offer. After the internship, I traveled to Beijing after the olympics to visit the historical city in China. This time I came back with the idea to visit old friends living here. But sadly, some of them had already moved back to Europe. Luckily I had another friend working in Wuxi for a few months, so I decided to hop on the train spend a few days with him....

Historical relics around Heyri art village 1

Seoul Heyri Art Village

It’s quite unusual that I spend a whole post talking about 1 place, but I just had too many pictures of the Heyri art village to add another topic to this. And to top things off, some of the galleries weren’t even open! Anyway, to start things off: Heyri art village is a little “village” a few kilometers outside of central Seoul. It looked like they took a piece of empty land and decided to make it an art village out of nowhere, good idea to me it seems. All the buildings have their own unique design and consist of...