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Main backpack contents 3

My packing list

The last couple of days I’ve got all the rest of my stuff for my trip and “test-packed” my backpacks. That way I’ll know if I’ll have some space left or have to leave some stuff behind. I’ve actually packed my bags 3 times and everytime you find new ways to save spaces or manage to fit something extra in there or create some extra space. Main backpack contains: Clothes 1 North Face windbreaker jacket (not in picture) 1 Fleece sweater 1 North Face base layer 2 North Face shirts 3 t-shirts (wearing 1) 2 North Face zip-off cargo pants...

Travel vaccines 0

Travel vaccines

Better safe than sorry! Today I went to the Institute of Tropical Medicine in my town here in Antwerp. Since I’ll be traveling to a lot of countries I’ve never been before, I figured the wise thing to do was to get preventive vaccines. Since it’s summer time now, the waiting time was quite long (1h30) and that for a consult of not more than 15 mins…. but in the end it’s a necessary wait if you WANT TO LIVE! *cue dramatic sfx* Anyhow, once I got in the room, the doctor quickly went through the form they had us...