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View from Plaza de Armas - Cusco 1

Start of the Inca adventure in Peru (Lima & Cusco)

Edit: Actually posting this just now, since there is very limited internet speed here in Venezuela! What better time to start writing about my trip(s) in Peru than on my last day in Lima, Peru.  To be honest I didn’t think I’d be traveling so much during my time here in Peru, but there’s just so much to see and visit that you can’t help it. And to make things worse, Peru has a great (and cheap) long distance bus traject all over the country. There are tons of different bus companies that offer you great service depending on the...

Lima - Peru 0

Peru – Lima / Cuzco / Puno / Arequipa

Out of all the South American countries, Peru is the first one I’ve done research on. Not because it’s my favorite or anything, but because I arranged my Salkantay trek in Cuzco way ahead of time and from there on I just kept going. I’ll be spending the new year in the magical Cuzco, probably not in Macchu Picchu but it’s close enough! Since I’ve already talked about the Salkantay trek in another post I’ll just describe the route I’ll take. Lima First stop, Lima! Capital of Peru and largest city. To be honest I’m going to be lazy about...