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One of the many shopping malls with excellent architecture 0

Intercultural city-state of Singapore

Before arriving in Singapore, I already knew I wasn’t really going to spend a lot of time here. Mainly because there isn’t much to see, but then again, it really depends what you’re into. But I think for the average tourist, there isn’t much “new” to discover. Even when I told some of my local friends that I was going to stay about 9 days or say they already questioned me, why? First impression of Singapore was that it was so neat and clean everywhere. There wasn’t a single piece of trash on the ground this mainly because of the...

Impressive sight at night, Petronas towers 0

Gathering of ethnic groups in Kuala Lumpur

Come to think of it, I really didn’t stay that long in Kuala Lumpur. not that I have anything against it but, at this point in my trip, I was getting tired of all the traveling and the exhaustion of having to move from place to place was getting to me, therefore I think my enthusiasm for visiting new places has dropped significantly compared to the beginning of my trip. However, I tried to make the best of it coz… if this is the hardest thing I had to endure, I had a pretty good life. 🙂 Anyway, in Kuala...