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Some of the CS Davao hardcore members 0

A trip down south to Davao in Mindanao

The Philippines consists of more than 7000 islands, they said it takes about 3 decades to visit and experience every Island. As I don’t have that much time, I at least wanted to visit each major region and part of that is Mindanao, the world’s 19th largest island. It’s known for dazzling scenery, primitive hill tribes and an almost complete lack of tourists because of political unrest and occasional fighting between the government and Muslim separatists. Government has warned tourist not to go to Mindanao because of this situation. Even local Pinoys don’t venture out there. However, the north coast...

Gotta have a picture of children in poor situations to show compassion. (SARCASM) 2

Visiting rural Cambodia: Sihanoukville, Kampot & Battambang

After the busy capital, I wanted to look for more real Cambodian experiences and well… I’m not saying that my next destination is exactly that, but it’s a start… Sihanoukville Also called THÉ place to be if you’re looking for a party. People have been comparing it to the wild party scene like in Vang Vieng. But truth to be told, while I was there, the European Championship just started so people were just hanging out in bars watching the games. So there wasn’t much partying going on, not that I was looking to party. The place itself was rather...

View from Plaza de Armas - Cusco 1

Start of the Inca adventure in Peru (Lima & Cusco)

Edit: Actually posting this just now, since there is very limited internet speed here in Venezuela! What better time to start writing about my trip(s) in Peru than on my last day in Lima, Peru.  To be honest I didn’t think I’d be traveling so much during my time here in Peru, but there’s just so much to see and visit that you can’t help it. And to make things worse, Peru has a great (and cheap) long distance bus traject all over the country. There are tons of different bus companies that offer you great service depending on the...