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Evil cat is evil... plotting plans to take over mankind! 3

Cat cafe & trick art museum in Seoul – Must do!

Trick art museum For some reason, trick art museums haven’t really taken off in other countries, but in South-Korea, they seem to be pretty big. In fact, there are 2 of them (maybe even 3) in Seoul alone and I’m sure there was one on Jeju island too. Eventhough they house different artworks, the concept is pretty much the same so I only visited one of them in Seoul. As the name explains it, the museum consist of paintings and artworks where there is “some trick” to it. More than often this means that the 2-D paintings seem to have...

Historical relics around Heyri art village 1

Seoul Heyri Art Village

It’s quite unusual that I spend a whole post talking about 1 place, but I just had too many pictures of the Heyri art village to add another topic to this. And to top things off, some of the galleries weren’t even open! Anyway, to start things off: Heyri art village is a little “village” a few kilometers outside of central Seoul. It looked like they took a piece of empty land and decided to make it an art village out of nowhere, good idea to me it seems. All the buildings have their own unique design and consist of...

One of the art pieces in one of the many galleries in Insdadong 1

I’ve got Seoul baby!

Finally made it to Seoul, my last stop in South Korea before moving on to China. My travels in Seoul are actually divided into 3 blogposts since there was so much to do here and mainly because I took so many pictures. In this post I’ll just give you a general overview of Seoul for now. Check out the Heyri Art Village and the cat cafe and trick art museum. Being the capital of South Korea, there must be a palace for me to visit right? In fact, there were 2 of them! The most prominent one called Gyeongbok-gung also...