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Charming hotel/tea house in outskirts of Yangshuo 0

Biking around the outskirts of Yangshuo and boatride to Yangdi

When you come to Yangshuo, they often recommend you to take the bike and bike around the outskirts and visit the villages and fields around the mountain areas. Since our hotel was already in the outskirts, we were kinda “halfway” already. We rented a pair of bikes and headed off towards one of the more popular sights, Yulong Bridge to get a nice view of the Yulong River Valley. We didn’t manage to get there since we left kinda late so if we did go to the Yulong bridge it would have been dark already on our way back. Since...

Downtown Yangshuo 0

Strolling around in the city of Yangshuo

In the morning we took the express bus from Guilin to Yangshuo, it took us roughly an hour and half, no stops in between. You could already see a lot of limestone rocks and karst peaks along the way to Yangshuo. It’s also possible to go from Guilin to Yangshuo by boat but that would take you a whole day. We opted to take a boat cruise instead once we were in Yangshuo. Yangshuo itself is a huge tourist city for both domestic and international tourists, that’s why I’ve booked us a room outside of the city, which was more...

Local specialty: Beer Fish 1

Food in Yangshuo

The most famous dish to try out in Yangshuo is without a doubt the beer fish. Tons of restaurants on the main street advertise it and prices are pretty much the same in all those places. We just randomly picked the cleanest one from outside and went on with our adventure to order Beer Fish. We looked at the menu and ordered a fish with no bones in with the help of our waiter (who didn’t speak English). On the side we ordered some Chinese cabbage since we wanted to be healthy as well. I’m not a big fine dining...