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Melaka - World Heritage city 1

UNESCO World Heritage site, Malacca or Melaka

Malacca or Melaka in Malay is an UNESCO World Heritage site just a few hours away from Kuala Lumpur. It’s the capital of the state of Malacca on the westcoast of Peninsular Malaysia. Back in the days the city was a major port hub for all the different nations that have occupied Malaysia, hence the influence of different countries you find in the city itself. First there was the Chinese, then came the Portugese, afterwards the Dutch and finally the British. The most interesting and scenic part of Melaka is Chinatown and partly Town Square, also known as Dutch Square....

Rocky mountains? 1

Meeting up with old friends in Colorado Springs!

After traveling around for 2 months in unknown territory in South America. It was time to go back to a more familiar place, US of A. My stay in the States is a short one. I’m just staying a bit more than 2 weeks total, visiting friends mainly. So I haven’t even bought a book or done any research. There were only a couple of things I wanted to do during my stay: watch an NBA game and meet up with some long time friends. And that’s exactly what I did. Colorado springs Not really a big touristic spot to...