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Hong Kong Island skyline 1

Bright lights and neons in Hong Kong, cliff jumping and visit to cat cafe

Hong Kong is my last stop on my 1 year travel around the world. It’s not a stop that I intended to visit because my parents are from Hong Kong and I’ve been here several times before. It was a required stop on my way back to Belgium. In the previous visits I haven’t ever really traveled around in Hong Kong. Most of the time, I’ve just been visiting relatives, taking care of paperwork, eating and shopping. So I had no idea what Hong Kong really had to offer. This time around I wanted to really TRAVEL in Hong Kong....

Evil cat is evil... plotting plans to take over mankind! 3

Cat cafe & trick art museum in Seoul – Must do!

Trick art museum For some reason, trick art museums haven’t really taken off in other countries, but in South-Korea, they seem to be pretty big. In fact, there are 2 of them (maybe even 3) in Seoul alone and I’m sure there was one on Jeju island too. Eventhough they house different artworks, the concept is pretty much the same so I only visited one of them in Seoul. As the name explains it, the museum consist of paintings and artworks where there is “some trick” to it. More than often this means that the 2-D paintings seem to have...

Otaku paradise - Akihabara 1

Tokyo city Japan!

Japan. I think most people have Japan in their list of top destinations to visit. But why do that many people want to visit this country considered to be one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world? Well, just because there is just about anything for anybody’s taste and interest here. You can find the most diverse, the most weird, the most beautiful, the most fascinating things in Japan. It’s pretty much a place of extremes, depending how you look at it. Not sure if that makes sense hahah….. Anyway, for my Japanese trip, my buddy Greg joined...