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Otaku paradise - Akihabara 1

Tokyo city Japan!

Japan. I think most people have Japan in their list of top destinations to visit. But why do that many people want to visit this country considered to be one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world? Well, just because there is just about anything for anybody’s taste and interest here. You can find the most diverse, the most weird, the most beautiful, the most fascinating things in Japan. It’s pretty much a place of extremes, depending how you look at it. Not sure if that makes sense hahah….. Anyway, for my Japanese trip, my buddy Greg joined...


Must visit places / must-do in Japan (part 1)

Japan was and always will be a unique place. Whether we talk about traditional festivals or traditional theater, religion or pop culture, architecture or transport, food or clothing, martial arts or games, you can see in unique scenes Japan, that do not exist anywhere else in the world. Visit an onsen or sento Sentō (銭湯) is a type of Japanese communal bath house where customers pay for entrance. Traditionally these bath houses consist of one large room separating the sexes by a tall barrier, and on both sides, usually a minimum of lined up faucets and a single large bath...