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On the boat on Inle Lake and trekking in Nyaugshwe

07-11 March 2014 A busride of 12 hours is nothing new anymore. But if you have stomach problems, you want to be at your destination as soon as possible! As so, my busride from Hsipaw to Inle Lake was as you can imagine not so pleasant 🙁 but I did made it! We were dropped off in Nyaungshwe, the closest gateway to Inle Lake. Once we got off the bus, we needed to pay a 10 USD gouvernment fee to enter the Inle Lake area. I was never asked to show the ticket later and I don’t know if I...

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7 days to D-DAY

Time is flying! It’s been a while since my last post here. It’s my last week in cold Belgium before heading for the sun! Last Friday Dec, 6th was my very last working day! It ended in a very long day *_*I had a nice farewell drink with my colleageas around 5.30pm (office closes at 6pm) meaning that work was waiting to be finished. My boss gave a me a compass as farewell gift. You would think he meant something with this gift 😉 Don’t you worry Bob, I’ll know my way back to work after 6 months..I think 😀 Thanks...