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Inle lake - Nyaungshwe 0

Kalaw and hike to Inle Lake

Before talking about Kalaw, I must talk about the trip there. Before, I said that most people speak English, but that’s of course not the case everywhere and especially when taking the local bus, it’s important to communicate well with the people that are supposed to drop you off. The bus I took passed through a lot of small villages and since only locals take the bus, most of them know where to get off. Me being the tourist didn’t know this and because of some miscommunication with the busdriver and the sales person, they forgot to notify me when...

Lovely temple and shrines in Koya town 2

Koya-san, Unesco monastary complex

Koya-san was another suggestion from my fellow traveler. I was a bit sceptical about visiting this place since it was yet another buddhistic destination, the monastic complex of Koya-san. To be honest, there isn’t much I can actually say about Koya-san since I just followed along and I’m not exactly a Buddhist. But I did enjoy this little trip to Koya-san. It was snowing when we arrived near Koya town, which made the whole experience just more magical than it is. The path towards the monastary ran through the buddhist cementary. This little hike itself was actually the best part...