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Floating torii in Miyajima 0

Hiroshima & Miyajima

I don’t exactly know why I visited Hiroshima. I mean don’t know anything about the war between the USA and Japan nor do I know the exact reason why Hiroshima was bombed to hell. But I guess it was just one of cities you just “had” to visit when you’re in Japan. For some reason, a trip to Hiroshima seemed the obvious choice when you visit Japan. Considering it’s tragic past and worldwide coverage of the atombomb incident back in 1945. Personally I don’t really know much about the reason behind the bombing nor do I have any interest in...

Giant LED-billboards on Dotonbori 1

Osaka and Nara

Osaka Osaka is only a short 1-hour ride away from Kyoto. For the average backpacker there isn’t that much of value here. The most famous attraction is the Osaka aquiarium and I haven’t even visited it myself. But next in line (and free) is the Dotombori. This is a huge plaza/shopping area with tons of shops and restaurants. There is tons of different thing to try and eat in only a few blocks. A dear friend of mine gave me a fair warning before I came here. The good thing about the huge commercial places is that each and one...