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Asian backpacker - Koh Larn Buddha statue 0

Visiting Pattaya and Koh Larn daytrip

This will be my second time in Pattaya. The first time everything was still new and I was still eager to discover and go sightseeing. I even went diving during my first visit! This time it was all about chilling and relaxing. I didn’t plan anything and just went with the flow of things. One of the reasons I keep coming back is because Pattaya is so close to Bangkok and you have the water and beach right near the hotel. Everything is in walking distance and if you want to escape the heat you can just go hide in...


A quick visit to Pattaya – Sin city of Thailand

In 2014 I gave myself a trip to Thailand as a birthday gift. The difference this time is that I won’t be traveling as a backpacker, but rather a “flashpacker”. I didnt even bring a backpack but a trolley that I borrowed. The goal this time was also to kick back and relax rather than going on the road everyday and sightseeing everyday. This time I also brought my buddy Greg with me as he hasn’t been to Thailand before but if you remember he did travel to Japan with me. He’s not so much an adventurous traveler, but more...


Asian flashpacker – Thailand (pre-trip)

So for my birthday I rewarded myself with a trip (back) to Thailand. I’m bringing a friend who’s never been to Thailand before and to be honest, this time around I just wanted to relax and take it easy. Compared to my previous travels where I was being the adventurous backpacker, I decided that this time I’d up my comfort level a bit more and become…. Asian flashpacker! Eventhough this is relax and tourist vacation trip, I still wanted to check out some places I haven’t been to before. Touching down in Bangkok, I’m gonna try to put in the...