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Downtown Yangshuo 0

Strolling around in the city of Yangshuo

In the morning we took the express bus from Guilin to Yangshuo, it took us roughly an hour and half, no stops in between. You could already see a lot of limestone rocks and karst peaks along the way to Yangshuo. It’s also possible to go from Guilin to Yangshuo by boat but that would take you a whole day. We opted to take a boat cruise instead once we were in Yangshuo. Yangshuo itself is a huge tourist city for both domestic and international tourists, that’s why I’ve booked us a room outside of the city, which was more...

No paved roads or cars in the quiet little Muang Ngoi 1

Life in the small villages near the river: Muang Ngoi & Nong Khiaw

After the whole Gibbon experience, I still had a little bit more than a week left in Laos before my visa for Vietnam kicks in. I could be spending it trekking in Luang Nam Tha, one of the hotspots for trekking in Laos, but I figured I had just finished trekking in Huai Xai and I’m not exactly aching for another 2-3 day hike through the blistering sun. So I just tried to enjoy the quiet little life along the rivier in one of the remote villages in the north. First village was Muang Ngoi, one of the more popular...