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Water cube spa complex - lounge area 0

Shenzhen – Visiting a Chinese spa complex

The main reason why we stopped by Shenzhen for our last day was to get a spa treatment at one of the many places around the city. A lot of Hong Kong people come over the border and get pampered here. We looked up some on the internet and eventually picked Water Cube, which was about 5 minute walk from one of the border crossings. The place was FREAKING HUGE! About 4 floors all with massage rooms, big and small and private, there were lounge chairs in a big area for you to chill at and get other services. Services...

Sky lanterns during Mid Autumn Festival 0

A day of wandering around Shenzhen and Mid autumn festival

Soooooooo, as I said before, eventhough my 1 year gap trip is over, it doesn’t mean that I’m gonna stop traveling! This time I went back to Hong Kong for some administrative stuff and to visit my girlfriend. I took the opportunity to check out the South of China, more specifically: Yangshuo-Guilin-Shenzhen. To get to Guilin-Yangshuo I originally planned to go by overnight train from Shenzhen, but “luckily” there weren’t any tickets available anymore so we booked a plane ticket from Shenzhen to Guilin instead. My traveling partner was quite pleased to hear the change of plans… But in the...