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Mandalay and surroundings

Next up on the popular Myanmar backpackers travelers route is Mandalay. The city itself has a handful things to see, such as Mandalay hill, the new palace and Mahamuni Paya. There’s also the teak monastary but I didn’t visit that one. I only spent 2 days in Mandalay, in and around Mandalay actually. First day I rented a bike and went around Mandalay hill and Mahamuni Paya. At the end of the day when I tried visiting the teak monastary it was closed already. I heard Tosh and Emily went there though and they said it was amazing. It was...

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Bangkok – heart of South East Asia

Bangkok is probably the most visited backpackers hub when coming to South-East Asia. I’ve visited Bangkok around 7-8 years ago (roughly) and it still wows me after all these years. The people are still extremely friend, the food cheap and the tuk-tuk drivers still try to rip tourists off. However, eventhough I visited Bangkok some years ago, I didn’t exactly go sightseeing and find out what it actually had to offer besides the obvious nightlife around Khaosan road. Heck it was one of my first “backpacking” trips. The main reason I come here was to celebrate Songkran, Thai new year....