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There is more than tubing in Vang Vieng and less than you expect in Vientiane

Vang vieng In these few weeks of travelling I already learned that you need to take things how it comes, especially when travelling by local transport. Your bus or train might show up in time, but NEVER expect it to arrive in time! Do not get agitated but stay zennnn…..The day when I travelled to Vang Vieng turned out to be a very very long day, mainly due to a wrong booking by the agency but also because one of the cars in front of us broke down on a mountain and we had to wait till that got fixed....

No paved roads or cars in the quiet little Muang Ngoi 1

Life in the small villages near the river: Muang Ngoi & Nong Khiaw

After the whole Gibbon experience, I still had a little bit more than a week left in Laos before my visa for Vietnam kicks in. I could be spending it trekking in Luang Nam Tha, one of the hotspots for trekking in Laos, but I figured I had just finished trekking in Huai Xai and I’m not exactly aching for another 2-3 day hike through the blistering sun. So I just tried to enjoy the quiet little life along the rivier in one of the remote villages in the north. First village was Muang Ngoi, one of the more popular...

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Threading into Laos – Vientiene & Vang Vieng

Vientiene The first stop in the unknown Laos was Vientiene. I had no idea what to expect from this “little” town. It wasn’t until I left Vientiene on the bus that I found out that Vientiene is actually the capital of Laos…. There wasn’t much to see in the city itself besides the cool sculpture park. For me one of the only things that were worth visiting. They had tons of weird, buddhistic, godly sculptures spread out over the area. It was a nice 1 hour stroll, in the scorching sun though…. It was also the first time to experience...