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Relaxing at the 4000 Islands

It’s only 3 hours driving from Pakse to Si Phan Don, literally called the 4000 islands. It’s called 4000 islands because during the dry season the river recedes and leaves behind hundreds of islands and islets! We stayed on one of the bigger ones called Don Khon, which is much more quiet and have a more village vibe than Don Det..well, that’s at least how I feel about it. We decided to go for a little bungalow with a shared riverview terrace ànd hammocks. I used the restaurant nextdoor quite frequently as ‘office’ 🙂 Life on the 4000 islands is...


Thakek, Pakse and Bolaven Plateau coffee

Thakek In Thakek itself there is not really much to do. Most people come here to do the Loop, an off-the-beaten-track circuit through some of the more remote parts of the Khammuan and Bolikhamsai Provinces. I did consider doing The Loop but I think I was still a bit scared of riding a motorbike myself  😐 Writing this blog made me once more reading about the places I visited. And it appeared that there are some sites around Thakek that were worth a look. There are eg. several caves, an abandoned railway line and some natural swimming pools. A pity...


Laos’ first Unesco site Luang Prabang

You can opt to go from Hanoi to Luang Prabang by bus for only 35-40€. This option aka the ’24-hours journey from hell’ option is for sure the cheapest way. I however preferred paying 130€ for a 1-hour flight with Vietnam Airlines than taking this hell ride! My visa on arrival cost me another 35$+1$ administration fee. A friend told me I would really like Luang Prabang as people are very friendly and especially not pushy when bying stuff at eg. the nightmarket. It appeared she was right 🙂 Of course there are exceptions but most of the Lao people...