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7days to go 0

7 days to D-DAY

Time is flying! It’s been a while since my last post here. It’s my last week in cold Belgium before heading for the sun! Last Friday Dec, 6th was my very last working day! It ended in a very long day *_*I had a nice farewell drink with my colleageas around 5.30pm (office closes at 6pm) meaning that work was waiting to be finished. My boss gave a me a compass as farewell gift. You would think he meant something with this gift 😉 Don’t you worry Bob, I’ll know my way back to work after 6 months..I think 😀 Thanks...

Last big purchase 4

Last big purchases

Today I went and got my last expensive purchases and additional equipment. Asus eeePC netbook 2 microfiber towels (s+xl) Haglöfs fleece sweater Deuter Gogo daypack Nikon D3100 DSLR + 18-105mm lens I actually got the DSLR a few weeks ago, but forgot to add it to the list before. It might be bulky to bring along, but the quality of the pictures make up for it. I do plan to bring my little Casio Exelim snapshot camera for random snapshots and in “dangerous situations where I don’t want to bring out my DSLR to take pictures. With this, I pretty...