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Winding down with the hippies in Northern Thailand: Pai

So after some intense partying in Pattaya, I felt I needed to relax and get away from all the busy and hectic life down south. So I made my way up to Pai, a small town north of Chiang Mai. From Pattaya it was a loooong day of traveling. First I took the taxi from Pattaya to Bangkok DongMuang airport, then took an AirAsia flight to Chiang Mai. Once I arrived in Chiang Mai airport, I took a taxi to bus station. There are several buses you can take depending on your budget and your taste for adventure. You could...

Llama with a hat... or is it alpaca 8

Santiago – Valparaiso // Chile

When I was doing my research on Santiago and Chile in general, I had to really dig for stuff to do. Since I’m only visiting 10 days, I had to manage to find something to do. But in reality, the 10 days I stayed in Chile really flew by.Small warning, this might be a lengthy post, since I’m wrapping up 10 days worth of stuff. Santiago The first impression of Santiago was… not too exciting. The city itself looked quite run down and being the capital of Chile, I expected it to be more “flashy” and entertaining. But truth to...